What Drives Us?

We’re driven by one goal – making digital media suck less for everyone.

We built BloomJoy for publishers, bloggers, influencers and brands because that’s our background and this is the product we’ve always wished we had.

Content may be king, but ROI is queen. Without distribution, content is just drain on your monthly expenses. Without content, you’ve got nothing to distribute. BloomJoy sits at the crossroads of telling great stories and getting people to read them by giving you proven, budget-friendly content, and distribution to a massive audience you could never reach before.

No more surfing your competitor’s front page for what your newsroom should spend precious time covering next — BloomJoy allows you to syndicate that story with the click of a button.

Gone are the days of only being able to reach a bigger audience by paying the duopoly out of your ass – BloomJoy allows you to grow your audience simply by creating amazing content.

Great stories should be cost effective and drive a massive audience. If you’re missing either (or both) of those things, let’s talk about what BloomJoy can do for you.

Our Team

We’re a team of digital media pioneers who’ve been doing memorable, award-winning work for over a decade.

Between us we’ve won two Webby Awards, lost two Shorty Awards, and founded the fastest growing website ever. We have 100 million YouTube views, 200,000 Twitter followers, 1 million Instagram followers and countless abandoned Tumblrs.

Yes, we’re pretty good at the internet.