Jason Momoa Went Full Khal Drogo In Reaction To The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale

As Game of Thrones has officially ended, people all over the world have shared how they truly feel about the show’s ending. From those who were on the show to those who were just loyal fans—it seems no one has had a more “on-point” reaction than GoT veteran Jason Momoa.

Momoa starred in GoT back in Season 1 as Khal Drogo, Daenerys Targaryen’s husband and lover who was killed off. But, even though he was completely cut from the show, he has always remained loyal to his Khaleesi and the show entirely.

Momoa decided to hop onto Instagram and Live Stream his reaction to the show’s finale—let’s just say he was not happy to see his Khaleesi go down the way she did. In fact, he had the most relatable reaction to the finale of anyone we’ve seen so far.

Momoa was basically freaking out and started the live stream telling his Khaleesi that he was “sorry he couldn’t be there for her.” He also thanked writers D.B. Weiss and David Benioff for the opportunity to be on the show. But, he soon switched his mood up when he realized his Khaleesi was going to be murdered by none other than Jon Snow, her new lover.

His words exactly?

“Fuck you. Fuck you punk.”

When Tyrion was saying that Bran should “lead them into the future,” Momoa was busy screaming:

“Who gives a fuck! Who gives a fuck! Fuck you!

He also was annoyed that they sent Jon Snow back to do “what the fuck he did in the first place,” —AKA a member of the Night’s Watch—with no justice for killing Khaleesi.

After, Momoa was stating how “mad he was” that Drogon didn’t melt Jon along with the Iron Throne, and honestly—SAME.

Momoa also hopped on Instagram after the episode and left a comment on Emilia Clarke’s photo she posted about an interview she did with New York Magazine.

He literally spam-commented on Clarke’s photo and I could not love it more.


Everyone on Twitter was stanning Khal Drogo and how relatable his reaction was, because let’s be real, we all hated this ending.

Khal + Khaleesi forever.

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