Ladies, You Might Want To Refrain From Ordering Bathing Suits From Pretty Little Thing This Summer

When ordering a bathing suit online, things can be pretty much a crapshoot. For one, not all website’s sizing is “true to fit,” and many times, their “small, medium, large” selection is completely off. Other times, the material is absolute garbage. And, then, there are those times where you get the wrong order completely.

However, one thing you don’t expect when ordering a bathing suit online is that it won’t work well in water. In fact, you expect the one thing to remain pretty much universal is that you can swim in the damn thing.

Turns out, not all company’s are smart enough to market bathing suits that are “water-friendly.” 22-year-old Alisha found out the hard way that the company Pretty Little Thing is selling bathing suits that…you can’t swim in.

Alisha told BuzzFeed that she was planning a vacation and wanted to buy some new swimsuits to bring along with her. Like any smart woman, she ordered the suit early to make sure it fit right.

I ordered the item back in April as I am going to Greece and Italy this summer and I always like to get a new bikini for holiday season.

She opted for this blue and gold bikini from the company that she found online.

Pretty Little Thing

However, after wearing the bikini to a spa, Alisha soon found out that wearing it in water is a totally bad idea. She said that she was going to wear it in the sauna, but you have to shower before entering. Once she got under the water, she realized the blue dye from the bikini was completely running down her leg. And, it ended up messing up her towel, too.


Alisha decided to reach out for the company after the incident and told them what happened. When she got a response, the customer service representative claimed that on their website, the “fine print” says “not suitable for water.”


As anyone would think—a bathing suit is made to be worn in the water. But, this fast fashion website apparently makes suits for “poolside” use only. The company issued a statement to BuzzFeed saying:

PrettyLittleThing does advise customers on the styles which we do not recommend be worn for swimming. These are highlighted as ‘pool side posing’ only and are designed for day/evening wear holiday dressing/pool side posing. If customers are unsure, our customer service team are available to advise further on which styles cannot be worn for swimming.

And, Alisha went back to see—finding out that the website does say poolside use only. However, it is really ridiculous that a company would produce a suit only to be worn “poolside” and not in the actual water.


Alisha said it goes to show the world how much social media and fashion influencers impact the world—as the swimsuits are made specifically for those who want to “pose poolside” but not actually partake in pool/beach activities.

Instagram influencers have led to fast fashion brands creating products that can’t be used for real life activities. It’s incredibly disappointing and sad to see a company insinuate that its buyers merely want to pose in their clothes as opposed to enjoying them during their everyday lives.

Alisha decided to post the photos on Twitter to warn other female shoppers about the company and their poolside only remarks. Additionally, the company has since removed the swimsuit from their website and refunded Alisa’s money—adding an additional 40% off her next purchase.

Lex Gabrielle

Written by Lex Gabrielle

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