15 Things Your Anxious Girlfriend Wants To Hear When Her Anxiety Is At Its Worst

More often today, people are experiencing high levels of anxiety and panic disorders. Whether it be the influx of technology and stimulation we’re becoming accustomed to, or possibly the continuous piles of stress and responsibilities we have to take on—it’s no secret that many of us do suffer from anxiety disorders that, at times, can be debilitating. While doing everyday things can be quite difficult when you have anxiety, being in a healthy relationship is definitely something you have to work on.

Not all partners are understanding and compassionate when it comes to anxiety and anxiety attacks. There are those who understand, who go through it themselves and can relate. But, there are also those who have never dealt with anxiety—and, they believe the go-to mechanism is “relax.”

We all know—there is no worse trigger for anxiety than hearing the words, “just relax.” So, if you’re someone who is in a relationship with a girl who has anxiety and panic attacks—strap in, we’re here to help you out.

1. Let’s take this one step at a time.

This shows that you’re here to help her and you want to understand why she is feeling this way and how she got to this point—not that you want to brush her off and have her calm down so you don’t have to deal with her.

2. I understand and I’m here for you.

Letting her know simply that you’re here for her and you’re understanding that she has anxiety at the moment can be comforting.

3. Let’s go take a walk.

This means you know that endorphins are good for mental health and anxiety and that you’ve done some research on ways to help her cope.

4. No matter what, I’m here for you.

Let her know you are not going to go anywhere, no matter how bad things may get.

5. No matter what, I love you.

Right now, love is truly all she needs.

6. What can I do to help?

Letting her know that you will do anything to help her is comforting and soothing.

7. Do you want me to rub your back?

Giving her some ideas of what may help could keep her mind busy and away from anxious thoughts.

8. How about I make you a cup of tea.

Making her a cup of herbal tea could calm her anxiety down a lot.

9. Let me know if you want space, I can leave you be for now.

Being the type of person who will take themselves out of the equation, without getting offended, is important. It shows you will do whatever it is to help.

10. If you want to talk, I’m here.

And, letting her know she can also talk to you is important, too.

11. Do you want me to call *insert best friend name*?

Sometimes, it may be a problem that a friend can handle better, and, being the person to suggest it is helpful, too.

12. Do you want me to call *insert mom name*?

We all know there is no one who can fix our problems like our mommas.

13. Don’t be ashamed.

Let her know that she has no reason to be embarrassed and that no matter what you are not going to change the way you look at her.

14. I understand this is out of your control.

Letting her know that you comprehend this is a disorder and not something she can turn on and off, will help her come down from the attack.

15. We will get through this—together.

Always, always, always.

Lex Gabrielle

Written by Lex Gabrielle

Lex is a writer from New York City who supports messy buns and all things covered in buffalo sauce. You can find her in your local coffee shop buried in social media and celebrity content, listening to Led Zeppelin on full volume.