This Twitter Thread About How To Make A Marriage Last Is Absolute Facts

Getting married is easily one of the biggest moments of one’s life. Deciding to spend the rest of your days with another person is a huge step—one that changes the game for good. But, as relationships go, marriage is no different—it’s tons of work to make it last. Recently, Twitter user Ryan Stephens shared some of his biggest “hacks” that he and his wife discovered in order to keep their marriage healthy and thriving.

Stephens said that he and his wife have found that focusing more on being teammates and less on being soulmates has helped them reach marital success.

He also shared some rules he’s learned. First, he said that you should never bad mouth your spouse to your friends—ever.

Second, he said that communication is so important that it’s better to over communicate with your spouse.

Third, trying new things together keeps things exciting and new for both of you.

Fourth, it’s important to be each other’s champion. Celebrating each other’s wins and showing that you’re proud is important.

Fifth, show appreciation for everything that you contribute to the relationship and life together.

Lastly, it’s imperative to trust each other and show each other respect—especially in front of others. Stephens said this is important if you have children.

Stephens ended his thread with the idea that every day you make a choice to be with your partner. It’s not always about love, but sometimes about working at it.

Obviously, Stephens knows what he’s talking about—these all sound like pristine ways to keep a marriage happy and thriving.

Lex Gabrielle

Written by Lex Gabrielle

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