16 Times Chrissy Teigen Was Our Planet’s Greatest Treasure

The world’s going to hell in a hand basket and we don’t have much left. Which is why, as the fire rises all around us and the bees continue to die at alarming rates, we should focus all of our efforts on preserving our #1 natural resource: Chrissy Teigen.

1. When she, God bless her, brought an “emotional support casserole” aboard an actual flight.

2. The amazing ways she shuts down online trolls…

3. Like nosy lady who tried to get in her business about using IVF…

4. When Cardi B suggested a threesome with Rihanna and her response was:

5. Her love for her Nintendo Switch and Super Mario Odyssey knows no bounds or borders.

And the subsequent delivery of said Switch.

6. That time she shut down judgmental vegetarians who didn’t expect her to eat meat.

7. When she dragged John Legend for the most heinous of relationship crimes.

8. That time we all made fun of John Legend for looking like Arthur and she dropped the best roast of all.

9. When, like all of us, she decided to eat Fun Dip at a most inopportune time.

10. When she graciously helped Ivanka out with a quick vocab lesson.

11. When she finally had enough of people showing her pics of babies resembling her husband.

12. This epic rumble that will go down in fight history.

13. When she showed us the best DM ever.

14. When she asserted herself as the clear alpha.

15. When she made an excellent point about what is fair and what isn’t.

And even doubled down on her stance with some random lady.

16. This tweet, which should replace our national flag.


Written by BloomJoy

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