19 Snarky Products For Anyone Who Has Zero F***ks Left To Give

Once upon a time, the world was full of f*cks to give. I gave a f*ck, you gave a f*ck, everyone gave a f*ck. They were in plentiful supply and could be handed out to just about anyone or anything. Over time, however, most of us depleted our proverbial jar of f*cks and we continued on living our best care-free lives. For anyone else out there who’s run out of f*cks to give, these products will please your dark and cynical soul.

*Full disclosure: We may receive some portion of the sales made on this list. We’re putting all the money into stocks and bonds. And by stocks and bonds, I mean chocolate and ice cream.

1. This sassy throw pillow that lost its f*cks many moons ago.

Society 6


Snag it from Society 6 for $29.99

2. These not-so-subtle ankle socks to let the world know just how you feel.

Store Envy

If you are close enough to read these, kindly f*ck off.

Snag it from Store Envy for $7.00

3. These rather abusive balloons that could care less about your party.


Congratu-effin-lations, Karen.

Snag it from Firebox for $9.19

4. An adult jigsaw puzzle that mom can work on when the kids have gone to bed.


The only f*cks allowed in this room are on the damn puzzle.

Snag it from Firebox for $18.29

5. These offensive business cards for someone who’d rather not waste their time talking.


Hand it over with a smile.

Snag it from Amazon for $19.99

6. This middle finger candle for those nights when you need to send the universe a very clear message.


Currently meditating on all of the f*cks I’ve lost today.

Snag it from Amazon for $34.99

7. These gorgeous floral socks that appreciate the concern, but really DGAF.

Mod Cloth

Thanks, but no thanks.

Snag it from ModCloth for $12.00 

8. A coffee mug that’ll really spell things out for your coworkers.


Let’s be f*cking honest with each other.

Snag it from Amazon for $14.99

9. This hilarious coloring book for when you need to creatively express your lack of f*cks.


No room for confusion, let me f*cking color.

Snag it from Amazon for $5.85

10. Some Fuck, Fuck, Fuck Sticky Tape that’ll accent your most important documents.


F*ck this project, f*ck that report, just f*ck it all.

Snag it from Firebox for $10.49

11. These cheeky dishcloths to remind your guests that you could really give a f*ck less.


Spill your wine? Here, I really DGAF.

Snag it from Firebox for $17.00

12. A sassy bar of chocolate that is so over dieting.


Tastes like freedom.

Snag it from Firebox for $10.49

13. This enlightening guide for anyone who needs a reminder to let go.


Learn from the zero-f*cks guru.

Snag it from Amazon for $14.99

14. A lovely piece of “f*ck it” decor that will compliment any room.

Society 6

A motto for life.

Snag it from Society 6 for $19.99

15. This laptop case that sincerely apologizes for its all-around lack of empathy.

Society 6

Sorry, not sorry.

Snag it from Society 6 for $15.99

16. An F-bomb paperweight that’s sure to be an expletive hit at your office.

Uncommon Goods

Eff all this paperwork.

Snag it from Uncommon Goods for $45.00

17. This adorable little pouch that literally signs “Zero F*cks Given.”

Society 6

Read it and weep.

Snag it from Society 6 for $15.99

18. A punny t-shirt you’d probably want to wear every single day.


Yep, still don’t give a one,

Snag it from Amazon for $24.99

19. This cute cap to help you navigate the world when you’re feeling anti-social.


Just read the damn hat.

Snag it from Amazon for $16.99

Actual footage of me not caring…

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Written by BloomJoy

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