23 Delightfully Ghoulish Gifts For Anyone Looking To Embrace Their Dark Side

11. A witchy palmistry print to haunt your home.


And yes, this print is also salty AF if you look closely.

Get it on Etsy for $25.00

12. A black magic coffee mug for your favorite brew.


For damn fine coffee that’s black as midnight on a moonless night …

Get it on Look HUMAN for $12.99

13. This bizarre, hidden mother necklace.


Read more about this strange tradition here.

Get it on Etsy for $30.00

14. A copy of the stunning and terrifying film, The Witch.


Not for the faint of heart.

Get it on Amazon for $9.99 

15. A bird skull necklace.


Just in case people doubted how spooky you really are.

Get it on Etsy for $58.50

16. This mystical tarot tapestry.

Slide View: 1: Tarot Tapestry
Urban Outfitters

Bonus: covers up that weird stain on your wall.

Get it on Urban Outfitters for $39.00

17. This set of occult-inspired artwork.


Your walls are going to look so damn good!

Get it on Etsy for $47.38

18. A ring that can really keep its eye on things.


The best possible ice-breaker at parties.

Get it on Etsy for $5.95


Written by BloomJoy

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