Doctors Found 27 Contact Lenses In This Woman’s Eye And I’m Literally Gagging

When it comes to having some “fears” in life, putting things in my eye is definitely up there. While I need glasses to see, I’m one of those people who outright refuses to wear contact lenses because sticking anything in my eyeball just seems insane to me. Nope, won’t do it. And, even though my own mother is an eye doctor—who constantly reminds me I’m being an immature child—I still cringe at the sight of people doing it themselves.

But, it seems as though my fears may have some validation, as a study revealed that putting contacts in your eye can lead to some horrifying complications. According to a report in the British Medical Journal, a U.K. surgeon discovered a mass in a 67-year-old patient’s eye that was bothering her, and when they checked out what it was, it turned out that it was 27 contact lenses. 27 CONTACT LENSES STUCK IN HER EYE. AT THE SAME TIME.

Now, I know you’re wondering one thing—how the hell can someone not realize they had all of these contact lenses in their eye? According to the report, the patient had worn “monthly contacts” and had no issues—but, it seems as though the discovery was made when she was getting cataract surgery.

British Medical Journal

The mass was reportedly blue and “hard.” No sh*t it was hard…imagine having all 27 contact lenses glued together in your eye-socket?!? How on earth this woman not remember to take out her contacts? It turns out, she thought she dropped them, every time she couldn’t find the one to take out. Oh. Okay. No problem.


The doctors in the study and report say that it’s record-breaking—they’ve had patients who have lost a contact or two, but never 27.

Let this be a warning for you all who love to stick things in your eyes—take the damn things out!


Written by BloomJoy

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