21 Foolproof Ways To Get Even The Pickiest Eaters Excited For Mealtime

As most parents can attest, almost every kid goes through a picky eating stage. Typically, toddler-age is when the strong stance against anything green and healthy begins. The face of pure disgust when you offer your kiddo anything out of their normal regimen is to be expected. However, dinnertime doesn’t always have to be a showdown. Thanks to each of these ingenious products, your toddler will find themselves excited about every meal (veggies included).

*Full disclosure: We may receive some portion of the sales made on this list. We’re putting all the money into stocks and bonds. And by stocks and bonds, I mean chocolate and ice cream.

1. Turn dinner time into an interactive board game complete with their favorite superheroes.


Success Story: “This plate works wonders! My picky 3 year old eats all of her food, playing the ‘food game’. There is no way she would eat as much food on a regular plate.” – Josh1380

Get it on Amazon for $22.52

2. Make your kiddo laugh by cutting their sandwhich into a poop-emoji.


Success Story: “My niece loved it! perfect for cutting out pb and js.” – Loriella

Get it on Amazon for $6.99

3. Give them some fun leggo utensils that’ll make scooping up vegetables infinitely more exciting.


Success Story: “Super cute and easy to carry. Seriously, I think my little guy ate more because of these. lol.” – N. Hom

Get it on Amazon for $15.49

4. Turn an “icky” salad into a jungle of fun animal friends with these mini cutters.


Success Story: “Love these cute cutters! My little one likes to help make her bentos and decorate her plated food as well, and these cutters with their wide flats tops are easy for her little hands to use.” –  Cristi Messersmith

Get it on Amazon for $4.59

5. Deck your table out with these reusable coloring placemats.


Success Story: “Love these mats, stylish, durable and last for years. We have four kids and we use them for every meal. Great investment.” – Oiler02

Get it on Amazon for $25.00

6. Pack lunch in this adorable little panda bento box they’ll love to show off at school.


Success Story: “My daughter has used hers for over three years now, and is still using it in second grade. Perfect size and works great!” – DReece

Get it on Amazon for $16.95 (11% off)

7. Get them excited for meals on-the-go with this clever taco truck insulated lunch bag.


Success Story: “Super cute lunch box, haven’t seen anything like it in the stores. My 6 years old loves it! Good material, seems like it’ll wipe off clean easily. ” – Sita

Get it on Amazon for $12.99

8. Transform healthy smoothies into fun frozen treats with these dino-molds.


Success Story: “These Popsicle mold are great for small hands and small tummies! My kids love making different flavors with all kinds of fruit, veggies, yogurts, cocao, etc. A favorite is banana, raw cacao and milk.” – Bre

Get it on Amazon for $24.99

9. Or give your smoothies a twist with these colorful BPA-free straws.


Success Story: “These work so well for my young daughter, who likes to use a straw ALL the time. I like that they’re wide, soft, extendable, dishwasher safe, and fun colors. We’ve had them for a few months and they’re still working perfectly (plus colors are still vibrant) after running them through the dishwasher every couple days.” – Kyndra G.

Get it on Amazon for $12.95

10. Sneakily prep a few healthy snacks in these cute snack-in-a-box containers.

Uncommon Goods

Get it on Uncommon Goods for $10.00

11. Make taco night into a Jurassic story time with some dino taco holders.

Uncommon Goods

Success Story: “My older son has always loved dinosaurs. This was to be a fun gift. He loves it and going to use it as a napkin holder when it is not taco time.” – Anne by the lake

Get it on Uncommon Goods for $12.00


Written by BloomJoy

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