29 Surprisingly Effective Products That Will Solve All Of Life’s Little Problems

Life is full of little problems. Sure, there are plenty of big problems too, but we’d like to take a moment to focus on those minor everyday problems that always seem to add up to an unnecessary mountain of stress. Say, for instance, coming home after a particularly long work day to discover your last avocado has gone bad, you’re out of toothpaste, and your roommate left dirty dishes in the sink for so long that you’ll have to spend your evening scraping away old food just so you have something to eat off of. Ugh. We’re only human and there’s only so much we can handle in a day, so why not try and simplify some of the problems you do have control over with these useful products?

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1. Some mini charcoal deodorizer bags to keep your shoes smelling fresh and new.


Encouraging Review: “My mother needed to save a pair of shoes and this did the trick, after a few days with it the shoes were almost good as new. They have a very nice finish and look really great. I haven’t had it for long so I haven’t “recharged” them yet. But I’m optimistic about this.” – Gabriela

Get it on Amazon for $9.95

2. A pair of nail clippers that catch all of your trimmings so you can dump them directly into the trash afterward.


Encouraging Review: “It struck me that there must be a clipper that doesn’t launch clippings across the room. Sure enough, I found this on Amazon. They work as promised and are quality items. The only surprise is that the fingernail clipper is about as large as a typical toenail clipper, and the toenail one is larger still. I don’t have a problem with the sizes, but it was unexpected.” – Joe Wiesenfelder

Get it on Amazon for $16.95

3. These ingenious little plastic caps that keep your high heels from getting stuck in any tricky outdoor turf.


Encouraging Review: “I went to a wedding in a grass field but I did not want to give up my heels! I got these and was able to keep my balance perfectly. I didn’t sink or wobble at all! Gonna get more for every heel size.” – Izzy

Get it on Amazon for $9.99

4. A friction defense stick that’ll help put a stop to uncomfortable chafing.


Encouraging Review: “I had some serious rubbing from my bra that left sores under my ample decolletage. I put a little Friction Defense under there every morning and it helps prevent chaffing. It could be used on inner thighs, too.” – S. Horton

Get it on Amazon for $10.46

5. This barely-there setting powder that will make your lipstick last all day long.


Encouraging Review: “This stuff is amazing. I bought it to put on top of my lipstick to make it stay longer, and it definitely works for that. It also keeps my face from getting oily. I haven’t tried to set any makeup other than lipstick because I don’t wear much makeup, but I have oily skin and I put a tiny amount on a makeup brush and put it on my face and it keeps it from getting oily for hours.” – Angela Hernandez

Get it on Amazon for $6.99

6. A pack of stain-preventing teeth wipes for after your morning coffee or happy hour red wine.


Encouraging Review: “Really happy with this. I work in a call center and I can’t go brush my teeth after every meal. This helped me get rid of that film that coffee and cola leave behind. Sitting for 2 or 3 hours with that film on my teeth was really discolor info them. The wipes help me keep my teeth whiter and not undo the work I put into whitening them.” – Me

Get it on Amazon for $7.29

7. This activated charcoal teeth-whitener that’s proven to give you a brighter smile.


Encouraging Review: “This stuff is AMAZING. I used it for about a week before I was completely sold. Day one I saw a change, however, I wanted to be sure I wasn’t buying into the madness. The results are certainly REAL! I would recommend this product 10 times out of 10.” – Steve

Get it on Amazon for $19.99 (33% off) 

8. A super easy to use makeup brush cleaning mat that works wonders with just soap and water.


Encouraging Review: “This is a great idea. I used to use the bottom of the sink to clean the brushes but this is so much better to clean the brush faster and better.” – Janine M. Parokian

Get it on Amazon for $9.99

9. This automatic toilet-cleaning device that’ll save you from ever having to scrub again.


Encouraging Review: “I’ve installed these in all six toilets in my home and they are a great idea. I’ve been using this for about 4-5 years. This device circulates bleach product into the toilet bowl after every flush where it is needed to prevent staining such as water lines from calcium build up. However, the chlorine water is restricted to the bowl, not the tank. If chlorine is in the tank it will erode away the “flapper” and foam seal which separates the tank from the bowl, requiring more expensive repairs. This product solves that problem with no drawbacks and doesn’t look unsightly like the clamp-on bars of chlorine that are permanently inside the bowl.” – Dr. D123

Get it on Amazon for $10.48 (48% off)

10. This stainless steel odor-absorbing soap bar that’s proven to rid your hands of any leftover cooking smells.


Encouraging Review: “I was skeptical of this but it really works! I’ve had garlic or onion smells stuck to my hands that soap doesn’t get off and this does. I dunno how it works but it does!” – Mallory K

Get it on Amazon for $8.99 (22% off) 

11. A useful slicing tool for anyone who’s ever been intimidated by the thought of cutting open their own pineapple.


Encouraging Review: “I love this gadget. It cores and slices beautifully and easily and makes it very simple to prepare pineapple; all I need to do is cut down the “stack” after this cores and slices it, for smaller pieces. It also saves money every time I use it, so it won’t take long to pay for itself.” – Craftergalore

Get it on Amazon for $8.99

12. Some filtered plastic containers to keep your produce fresher for longer.


Encouraging Review: “This tubberwear is absolutely amazing! My veggies last a week to two weeks longer, and I don’t have to throw out too much food! Highly recommend.” – Claire

Get it on Amazon for $9.99


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