20 Annoying Comments Every Teacher Is Sick And Tired Of Hearing

Deciding to become a teacher, for many, is an easy decision. We want to give back to the community, educate young minds, and build a better tomorrow for future generations. Regardless of the low pay, the endless grading, and the bad attitudes on some kids–we still get up every morning and love what we do.
For some reason, parents, students, and society overall underappreciates teachers–and straight up doesn’t respect us, at all. The long hours we put in, the money we contribute to classrooms, the “vacations” spent doing things for our school–it’s never enough.

1.”It must be really nice getting out of work every day at 3 P.M.”

2. “Wow, I wish I only worked half the year.”

3. “Are you sure you want to be a teacher?”

4. “Isn’t teaching just glorified babysitting?”

5. “You’re lucky you don’t have to sit in an office all day long.”

6. “Teaching is such an easy job.”

7. “Tests are a good way to see if teachers are doing their job right.”

8. “You’re too smart to be a teacher.”

9. “But, my child never does that at home.”

10. “I went to school for 17 years, I’m sure I could be a teacher, too.”

11. “My child is failing, so obviously you’re a bad teacher.”

12. “Teaching is so easy, anyone can do it.”

13. “Why did you pick a job that pays so little…?”

14. “I pay my taxes, so technically, I pay your salary.”

15. “My child would never lie to me.”

16. “The homework you’re giving is too hard. Give less.”

17. “We’re going on vacation next week. Can you prepare all my child’s work so we can take it with us?”

18. “Can you give him extra credit assignments to bring his grade up?”

19. “Wow, you don’t teach classes all day long?”

20. “I’m going to quit my desk job and do something easy like teaching.”


Written by BloomJoy

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