21 Things Literally Every White Person Has Said

When it comes to โ€œcute little sayings,โ€ white people have one for every occassionโ€“trust me. As a white person myself, I can solemnly swear that I have said more than half of these in my young, naive life. From โ€œget these away from me,โ€ to โ€œthatโ€™s my cardio for the day,โ€ I felt personally attacked reading through these hilarious, yet true, call-outs.

1. When eating chips:

2. When arriving somewhere:

3. When taking groupย pictures:

4. When eating at a restaurant:

5. When eating at a crowded restaurant:

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6. When fall arrives:

7. When summer arrives:

8. When paying for literally anything:

9. When washing their hands:

10. When getting their license:

11. When opening a jar:

12. When snacking on anything:

13. When going to sleep:

14. When making mistakes:

15. When leaving to go literally anywhere:

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16. When going through a hard time:

17. When walking up any incline/stairs:

18. When swearing:

19. When spelling:

20. When waiting:

21. When greeting anyone:


Written by BloomJoy

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