Trump Whines About How The ‘Bomb Stuff’ Affects GOP Midterm Chances After Three New Explosives Found

Today, three new explosive devices were found, apparently related to the nationwide attack on Democrats, the media, and Trump’s political critics. One was addressed to former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, care of CNN, one was addressed to New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, and one was addressed to California Senator Kamala Harris. The bombs were found in New York, Florida, and Sacramento, respectively and did not detonate. With these newly discovered explosive devices the number of attempted bombings has risen to 13. CNN is reporting a man in south Florida has been arrested in connection with the bombings.

Trump, who initially read a prepared statement urging unity, has now reverted to his usual form of bemoaning how the bombings are affecting… Republicans. Specifically, Trump is concerned that the media’s attention on the bombings has slowed GOP “momentum.”


Naturally, people weren’t very surprised or impressed with Trump’s pathetic (albeit superhuman) ability to make himself the victim during a mass assassination plot against his critics.

Trump’s pathetic whining is presumably because, unlike a migrant caravan of fleeing refugee families 1000 miles away from the U.S. border, this isn’t a story Republicans can use to stoke irrational fear and anger in their base. Unless, of course, Trump does what he seems eager (and likely) to do and joins his fellow travelers from the right-wing fever swamp in declaring the bombings a “false flag” perpetrated by Democrats themselves. Then he will at least have given Fox News a more GOP-friendly angle for covering the story, while providing his rabid fan base with something to get angry about.

Right now the best they’ve got is re-heating old attacks against a rendition of Julius Caesar in Central Park where a Trump-like actor played the titular role.

In fact, many people have already accused Trump of going full Alex Jones in his latest tweet, and if he hasn’t yet, he’s mere inches away from doing so.

But Trump doesn’t even need to go that far, it’s not difficult to imagine him and other GOP officials whining about the media’s focus on the bombings and accusing them of encouraging more violence by giving attention to the serial bomber. This would be a similar strategy that the NRA uses in reaction to mass shootings. At a CNN town hall following the Parkland massacre, NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch accused the media of overcovering—and thereby encouraging—the gun violence epidemic in order to score better ratings.

From there it’s a short hop to accusing the media of trying to boost Democratic chances in the midterms and accusing Democrats of playing the victim to do the same. You can already hear the phony righteous indignation of Trump fans—“We will not be bullied by fake bombings!” “Democrats should be ashamed of participating in this plot to reduce Republican turnout!” etc.

This is the nature of the modern GOP and the incentive structures are such that they seem unable to break the cycle, even if they wanted to. They don’t seem to want to, however.


Written by BloomJoy

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