Viral Thread Exploring ‘What If Obama Had Done It’ Proves There’s A Huge Double Standard

By now, we’ve all become pretty numb to the slowly unfolding nightmare that is Donald Trump’s presidency. As Trump continues to test our democracy’s resilience, each day brings a fresh scandal, a new outrage, and another all-time low. In the background of this frothing insanity are millions of people asking the same question: “Can you imagine if Obama had done this???”

It’s a good thought experiment to engage in, especially if you want to drive yourself nuts. After all, right-wing media spent eight scandal-free years inventing “Obama’s Watergate” or “Obama’s Katrina” moments. It seems like living in that alternate reality has finally driven most of them mad too, because now there’s not a peep from them about Trump’s onslaught of unpresidential behavior. In fact, most of the Fox News crowd cheers Trump on as he gleefully smashes up the joint. The only silver lining is that now we can finally ignore them when they pretend to be outraged by just about everything Democrats do. (Right?)

Screenwriter and TV producer Bob Schooley has a pretty great idea for a cathartic exhibit for Obama’s presidential library, which is currently being constructed in Chicago:

He followed up his post with some mock-ups of the incidents the exhibit could explore, such as yesterday’s presidential funeral pout-fest:

And who could forget when Trump playfully lobbed paper towel rolls at Puerto Ricans who had just lost their homes?

Not to mention Trump’s habit of hogging the umbrella and letting his wife get drenched.

Or how about the time he invited Russian officials into the Oval Office for a secret meeting—complete with a camera crew—and then leaked top-secret intelligence to them that ended up burning an Israeli agent undercover with ISIS?

Finally, I think we all know the racist explosion at Fox News if Obama had dared to get chummy with Kanye West like this.

At least Trump has never done something as offensive as wearing a tan suit.


Written by BloomJoy

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