This Artist Responds To People Who Don’t Want To Pay Him By Drawing Hilarious Pictures Of Them

Artists, truly talented artists that is, are a rare breed. They work tirelessly for their passion just like any other professional out there. Unfortunately, some people are under the impression that artists are can easily whip up a piece of artwork for them and will happily do it free of charge—false.

It’s pretty rude and inconsiderate to assume anyone will work for free, but especially someone who makes a living off of their art. One artist, in particular, is all too familiar with these sort of ‘customers’ and he had the best response to their requests for pro-bono portraits.

Artist Jon Arton is a Birmingham, England native and he’s pretty damn talented.

Wow, just wow.

Seriously, look at this sketch of Prince.


Needless to say, Arton’s Instagram account is very popular.


Trust me, you’re going to want to give him a follow.

But, because this is the internet and we can’t have nice things, several people felt its okay to reach out to Arton for FREE drawings.

Yes, free.

Lucky for us, Arton has a great sense of humor. He decided to hilariously mock these freeloaders by creating extra special portraits for them.


That sun, though.

Some people are even surprised that he doesn’t offer complimentary art.


“Oh, you don’t do it for free?”

But the drawings are so hilarious.


Arton will even recreate a celebrity photo if you ask nicely.


No, Mikey, no.

Harry Styles never looked so sexy.



Though, this is probably my favorite.


Safe to say, these “fans” won’t be back anytime soon.


Check out more of Arton’s amazing art—both sarcastic and not on his Instagram or Etsy pages.

Just don’t ask him for anything free. I’ll be purchasing this Freddie Mercury masterpiece for my bedroom if anyone’s wondering.

Emily Burns

Written by Emily Burns

Writer and editorial specialist based out of Austin, TX.