This ‘Dilation Chart’ Helps Men Understand Just How Painful And Hardcore Giving Birth Is

It’s no secret that females are strong as hell. Perhaps the most undeniable piece of evidence is the miracle of childbirth. No one, literally, no one can truly grasp the pain of labor unless they’ve experienced it themselves. That being said, one can gain an appreciation for the wonders of the female body with a new dilation chart that shows just how hardcore pregnancy really is.

Child labor is an amazing, painful and downright hardcore experience. It’s also something that’s hard for many men to completely grasp.

A new product on Etsy, however, aims to help educate people on how dilation works during labor.

SVC Birth Center

According to the product description, the board “functions both as a learning tool and piece of artwork, portraying the cervical dilation process women go through during birth, beginning with one centimeter dilated up to a full ten centimeters.”

The Dilation Chart starts at 1cm and goes up to 10cm to show just how wide the cervix stretches.


A photo of the innovative educational tool was originally shared by SCV Birth Center in Santa Clarita, California.

The caption reads, “Whelp- that’s what 10 centimeters looks like – just perfect for that little head.”

The chart is now being used in some medical clinics to help expecting mothers to understand the changes their body experiences during childbirth.


For anyone interested in purchasing their own, the chart is available for sale on Etsy for $32.00 and reviewers are loving it.

Facebook user Steffanie Christi’an also shared a photo of the chart in a now-viral post.

Her caption reads, “This is what 10cm of dilation looks like. This is why we deserve all the things.”

And here’s what commenters had to say about the product.

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