Donald Trump Jr.’s Pathetic Christmas Meme Is Getting Roasted Like A Chestnut

Poor Donald Trump Jr.! It’s gotta be hard being a grown man who still worships his father like a 7-year-old, but it’s even tougher when his dad seems to only tolerate him at best and outright loathe him at worst. Before Trump Jr. was born Trump Sr. worried giving his son his name because “What if he’s a loser?” (At least he knows the answer to that question now.) Dear old dad also reportedly called Don Jr. a “f**k up” after news of the infamous Trump Tower meeting with Russians broke. Of course, none of that will stop Don Jr. from trying—and failing—to gain his father’s love.

Don Jr. might have a complicated relationship with his father, but not on social media. On Twitter and Instagram, he peppers his feed with memes about how his dad can beat up your dad, or whatever. Just take a look at this shamelessly thirsty bid for dad’s attention on Instagram:

Or this Fourth of July post, which is obviously a totally normal thing for a middle-aged man to post about his father:

And who could forget the time Don Jr. scored a twofer and slammed Colin Kaepernick while somehow claiming his father “sacrificed everything” to become president:

His latest feeble attempt at father flattery is no different. Like all holidays, Christmas is an occasion for Don Jr. to do some of his trademark “lib triggering” by putting his daddy issues and inferiority complex on full display:

Whoa, I’m triggered.

Don Jr. got some much-needed validation from the MAGA chuds who unthinkingly hoover up his pathetic memes, but he also got some burns from liberals (which were much-needed too, the guy’s got issues). Here’s a taste, courtesy of the unlucky individual who slogged through the Instagram comments for RawStory:

“When you really want Daddy to give you a pardon.”

“You’re going to prison, Junior.”

“trump is the bully-in-chief”

“Enjoy prison idiot!”

“Your obsession with your daddy is creepy AF!”

“Clocks ticking DJTJ!! Prison time is about to start”

“THIS is the only war on Christmas I’ve seen. #desperate.”

“Couldn’t decide between collusion and conspiracy. So Mueller picked both.”

Hopefully that’ll keep Don Jr. going until he disappoints his father with whatever he got him for Christmas. After all, what do you get for the man who has everything, including that gnawing feeling that it’s STILL not enough? I guess that’s a question neither of these guys will ever have the answer to.

h/t: RawStory

Jake Currie

Written by Jake Currie

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