Trump Gets Roasted For Calling Apple CEO ‘Tim Apple’ During Meeting

Donald Trump hosted the inaugural meeting of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board today, a presidential advisory committee that seeks to bring more Americans into the workforce. The board features private sector and non-profit representatives, including Tim Cook, CEO of Apple.

After a fawning introduction from his daughter/advisor Ivanka (who Trump called “honey”), President Trump welcomed board members, including Apple CEO Tim Cook. Unfortunately, later in the meeting, Trump appeared to refer to Tim Cook—a “friend”—as “Tim Apple.”

And Twitter went off.

But not everyone agreed that Trump was, once again, just shooting his mouth off with no input from his very dumb brain.

And I have to say I think that’s the correct interpretation. In the context of the full video it seems like Trump is saying “Tim—Apple” in his traditional jarring staccato, an attempt to highlight the biggest brand at the table. Also, he referred to Tim Cook by his full name earlier in the video.

Of course, the more important scandal is that Cook and the rest of these CEOs seem to see an upside—and little downside—in providing Trump with private sector cover to push his racist fear-mongering about immigration.

“You see what’s going on at the border,” Trump said, as “Tim Apple” went from smiling wanly to lowering his eyes. “We’re doing an amazing job considering it’s really an onslaught very much. I call it an invasion, they always get upset when I say ‘an invasion’ but it really is somewhat of an invasion.”

And the financial upside for Apple is pretty clear, or at least calculable. Trump praised Cook for bringing “money back into the country because of the new tax law.” It’s true that Apple has said they plan on bringing overseas cash holdings back to the states and it’s true that they’ve said they’ll hire more American workers, over the next five years.

But what’s also true is that Apple, along with many companies that got a windfall thanks to Trump’s tax cut, used the savings to buyback their own stock. As Vox reported, Apple enriched their stockholders with a buyback “equal to the size of Ecuador’s GDP.”

Whatever you want to call Apple’s CEO, that’s real money in shareholders’ pockets, a vague “pledge” of jobs later on, and currying favor with the Trump administration.

h/t: Vox, Washington Post

Jake Currie

Written by Jake Currie

Jake is a writer and emotional support animal based in Brooklyn, NY.