Michael Cohen Flipped On Trump And Twitter Rejoiced

Michael Cohen—Donald Trump’s former lawyer and a man who once famously proclaimed he would “take a bullet” for Trump—plead guilty to making false statements to Congress about the Russia investigation last year.

Specifically, Cohen admitted to lying about Trump’s knowledge of the proposed Trump Tower project in Moscow during his campaign. The revelations are significant because they could mean that Trump was involved in family business dealings with Russia during a presidential campaign in which Moscow got him elected.

Cohen’s plea also reveals that the lawyer was in direct contact with at least one Kremlin official in early 2016 in an effort to secure the real estate deal.

Mueller’s office said in a court filing that “Cohen made the false statements to (1) minimize links between the Moscow Project and Individual 1” (who Cohen admitted was Donald Trump,) “and (2) give the false impression that the Moscow Project ended before ‘the Iowa caucus and . . . the very first primary,’ in hopes of limiting the ongoing Russia investigations,” according to prosecutors.

Beyond Cohen’s confession, Deutsche Bank (Trump’s main loan lender) and Trump’s tax attorney’s offices were raided today. Might there be providence in the fall of a sparrow? Federal prosecutors always go with “yes.”

Trump’s behavior on Twitter in the wake of Cohen’s plea deal was…predictable.

The tantrum didn’t stop Michael Cohen’s plea deal from being the top trending Twitter story of the day.











Mariam Sharia

Written by Mariam Sharia

Mariam is a freelance journalist who has written for Business Insider, The Independent, and Distractify.