Russian State TV Is Now Just Re-Airing Fox News Clips

Rather than spending arduous hours finding footage and manipulating it with editing software and dubiously-applied dubs, Russian state television just started using clips from Fox News.

In a tweet that features a screencap and a followup link to the source, journalist Julia Davis writes how “instead of coming up with their own anti-Mueller agitprop, state TV is simply translating and re-broadcasting clips from Fox News.”

In other words, Fox News has already done the work for them.

The clip features Hoover Institution’s military historian Victor Davis Hanson explaining to Fox pundit Tucker Carlson how and why the Mueller investigation is a “tragic circus and mythology.” It was pulled, translated, and re-aired on Russian state news channel Россия 24 (Russia 24).

Many on Twitter were unsurprised by the adaptation. “From one State TV to another State TV,” wrote @zanyprofessor. “More of a joint-venture than laziness,” added @brwr. “Sometimes I wonder if it isn’t the other way around. That Fox News, this whole time, hasn’t been just a high-production value translation of RT…” mused @notscottf.

In fact, the comparisons between Fox News and Russian state-funded media were noted consistently on social media.

Mariam Sharia

Written by Mariam Sharia

Mariam is a freelance journalist who has written for Business Insider, The Independent, and Distractify.