7 Dating Mistakes To Avoid In 2019 So Your Love Life Isn’t God Awful Again

Let’s face it—2018 wasn’t the best year for everyone when it comes to love. There are so many times we’ve made mistakes: we’ve drunk texted our ex to rekindle the flame only to be burned twice as hard, we’ve broken up with people we realized we should have never pushed out of our lives, and we’ve isolated ourselves from finding true love because we have a sour outlook on dating overall. 

Whatever the reason your love life took a bad left turn this year, it doesn’t mean that you’re doomed forever. In fact, there are so many opportunities and ways to fix your broken romance cycle this coming year, and we’re here to help you out.

1. Not being honest.

This is not only for yourself, but the person you are dating as well. We all have a gut instinct when it comes to anything in life and you need to be honest with yourself when your gut is speaking to you. Stop ignoring your guy and lying to yourself that your gut isn’t trying to tell you something; because it is. Be honest with how you really feel about the person you are with. Something in a relationship things starts out great in the beginning but after a few months, it’s not the same relationship. That is okay but it is important to be honest with yourself if you are staying in a relationship you don’t want to be in.

2. Chasing love that you truly know will never be yours.

Guilty as charged. A lot of us are. It is a natural behavior to chase after something you know that you can’t have or know isn’t right for you. That is a phase that you will eventually fall out of. “Chasing after someone that is not attainable will get old fast and wasting your time doing that will prevent you from chasing someone that is meant to be yours. Yes, the chase is fun every once and a while; and no one likes it when a relationship is easy. Things are boring that way, but it is very important to make sure you are chasing after someone that is attainable in the end. Time wasted is never satisfying.

3. Showing aggressive behavior towards the other person and the relationship you are trying to build.

A.K.A. coming on too strong, forcing the relationship too quickly, stalking the person’s every move after you first meet etc….All behaviors that are unnatural and will prove that you are too crazy to be with before a real relationship can actually blossom. You also can not force a relationship to happen. It just never works out that way. By engaging in aggressive behaviors that try to force a relationship you will just push the relationship back further from ever being a serious thing.