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7 Things that Happen When You and Your Best Friend Only Speak Sarcasm

You and your best friend literally live in one giant mockumentary. You only speak sarcasm to each other and can’t get enough of itIt’s about time that you guys get your own comedy show.

1. No one really knows how you act when you’re not being sarcastic.

Since you live your lives as caricatures of yourselves, your other friends are never quite sure if you’re acting like yourself, or a parody of your own personality. You and your bestie pretend to be basic bitches, biddies, and pretentious assholes just for shits and giggles. When you see girls taking life too seriously, you and your best friend love to make fun.

2. You and your best friend love to mock people who are full of themselves.

Anytime you and your bestie run encounter a person who’s way too uptight, you can’t help but turn on the sarcasm. It’s entertaining for you guys to mess with people and see their reactions when you mimic their personalities.

3. Without a word, you can tell when your friend is being sarcastic, and you get right into it with her.

You and your best friend can have full-blown conversations entirely in sarcasm. No one really knows if you actually mean what you say. It’s like a secret language between you and your girl.

4. Other people have no clue what you guys are talking about.

Basically, whatever you say, your friend knows that you mean the exact opposite. She knows that when you say, “I saw my boyfriend today!” you really mean the hot guy you spotted walking down the street. She can go on asking you about your future plans and dates with the mystery guy, and no one would ever know. So casual.

5. Sometimes, you don’t even need to talk to be sarcastic.

You and your girl can communicate through facial expressions and body language. A little side eye and a brow raise go a long way. You can be politely talking to an acquaintance, and make eyes at your friend behind their back. But it’s chill, you only mock them if they need to take a chill pill.

6. Whenever you’re out with your bestie, you get strange looks from people who don’t know that you’re both sarcastic.

You and your best friend are like actors, and life is your stage. If you guys get invited out to a lame event, you make your own fun by sarcastically pretending that you’re having the best time. We’re really having soooo much fun!

7. You both crack each other up and seriously need your own TV show.

When you two are together, it’s like Bonnie and Clyde…except you don’t steal shit and murder people. You’re inseparable and feed off of each other’s humor. It’s like you’re both duplicates of Amy Schumer.