moody girl

To My Boyfriend, Remember This When I’m Moody AF

Hey boyfriend, maybe I had a shitty day, or I’m just feeling blah, or maybe I just need to be fed. And ok, maybe sometimes I may take it out on you. I promise I’m more than just my moods and I love you. But just in case my sass is overflowing and you’re genuinely concerned about your safety, just try to remember…

1. I’m sorry a thousand gagillion babillion times plus infinity

My words are cutting and my tongue is sharp and I promise I’m working on it. But in the meantime please don’t ever overthink anything I’ve said, because I’d never want to hurt you.

Unless you ate the last slice of pizza…then I wish you physical pain.

2. I’m way too aware of my feelings but that doesn’t exactly mean I can control them

I get that we talked it out, you said your side and I said mine, and we said sorry and moved on. But 9/10 times my brain will get over things a lot faster than my heart.

I know I shouldn’t still be mad at you or frustrated about an insignificant fight in the past but I am. Just give me time and I promise my heart will be good again.

3. Seriously though I hope you never doubt that my moods are temporary and you are forever

I’m human, I’m going to have bad days and sometimes I’m going to have what seems like a never-ending cycle of bad days.

But no matter what you’re the only constant I want every. single. day.

4. Deep deep deep down, below all the layers of sass and pain in the assess, is the heart you fell for

 I’m cranky, indecisive, and slightly evil at times but I’m also sharp, silly and always big-hearted. And cute… don’t forget that.

 5.  Never ever forget that I love you

I love you, not because you continuously let me take my moods out on you but because you give me a safe space to just be me, moods, and all.  So above all, whenever I’m being a brat just remember I’m forever grateful for you.