I Can’t Change Your Past But I Hope I Can Change Your Future

I know you’ve been hurt pretty bad in the past. I can’t begin to understand what it might have been like for you. Sure, I can have empathy and sympathy but every experience and every heartbreak a person endures is their own. You don’t need to tell me about it. It’s a conversation I won’t force but will happily listen if you want to tell me.

I know it makes you wary of trusting people.

I know you might not trust me yet. But when you question love, let me remind you that love hasn’t hurt you. It’s a person’s lack of love that has hurt you and caused you pain.

I hate that you’ve endured that but struggle makes you a better person. Pain makes you more human and getting through it has made you more beautiful in my eyes.

While I don’t know the girl who has broken your heart I already don’t like her for causing you pain. I already don’t like her for not treating you the way you deserve. I already don’t like her for what she put you through.

And while I don’t like her I can’t hate her either. Because had she not messed up, and treated you bad, had she not hurt you, I don’t think we would have crossed paths.

I consider myself so lucky to have you in my life. And every day I wonder how she doesn’t see what I see every day when I look at you.

But more than wonder about her I think of you. I know you might be scared to let someone in. I know you might be apprehensive to love someone or even like me. Let’s start this thing slow. I’m following your lead entirely because I don’t want to mess this thing up.

I can promise you I’ll always be honest with you. I will always be straightforward even if it hurts. I’ll always be loyal to you. I can promise you I’ll be patient.

I’ll give you my best. I hope that’s enough. I’ll accept you.

I’m not going into this thing trying to change you. Show me who you are. Show me every flaw. Show me every scar and every mark and I’ll show you they’re beautiful.

Don’t allow fear to make you miss out on something that could be great. I’m not entering your life with expectations I’m only asking for a fair chance. A chance to make you forget your past and maybe we can create a future together.