Things You Should Know Before Dating The Girl Who Conceals Her Anxiety

People with concealed anxiety often feel anxiety the most intensely because we tend to suppress it a lot. We don’t like to talk about it, we don’t want to admit when we’re overwhelmed, and we will never say when we’re not okay. In fact, it’s probably our worst fear for someone to see us struggling.

1. We’d rather deal with it alone.

We don’t want anyone’s sympathy; we don’t want these labels: The one with anxiety. The one who’s vulnerable. The one with an uneasiness to trust. Because this is only a part of us; but the part that we need to fight every time someone tries to get close to us nevertheless.

2. We’d rather help you with your issues.

We’re highly empathetic because we know what it’s like to experience pain. We can literally help you with any problem – we’re hyper-conscious and highly intuitive, one of the positive sides of being so aware of everything.

3. We go out of our way to make people feel comfortable.

Since we’re so perceptive, we go off vibes very easily. It’s important for us to make the people around us feel happy and comfortable. This often makes us the life of the party since we can easily make people laugh and feel accepted – which eases our anxiety greatly.

4. But we can only take so much of social gatherings.

Paradoxically, social situations can be both the biggest source of comfort and anxiety trigger for us, depending on the people. Our anxiety is often caused by over-thinking so if you can make us live in the moment, we’ll worship you. Or at least until we start over-thinking again (just kidding.)

5. We hate to admit when we’re struggling so we despise the question, “are you okay?” 

We don’t need you to worry about us but we do love when you tell us everything will be okay. Sometimes just believing in us and reassuring us everything will work out instead of worrying about us can ease our minds a lot.

6. No matter how successful we are, we are always humbled by our anxiety in a way.

It can be stressful, but at least it keeps us grounded.

7. We’re extremely strong.

We will never let our anxiety be an excuse for not achieving something. This can often can lead us to think we’re bulletproof, only to face tears in the most unexpected times. We can have misdirected anger, sometimes at you, but please don’t take it personally – we love you to the fullest degree.

8. We have a tendency to worry about every aspect of our relationship at length.

You might be blind-sighted by our charming natures but don’t let it fool you – we do need you. And even though we hate to admit it, we need your love more than anyone else.