This Is How God Shows Me I’m Deserving Of His Love

I don’t believe I’m worthy of your infinite love and compassion, God. I don’t appreciate fully the blessings my life has received and I take for granted the lessons hidden in every moment that I experience as I walk the path of life. The life that you’ve given me. Yet, you are persistent in keeping light ignited in my heart, you continue to show me the way. Everything that happens to me, good or bad, is the way that you lovingly speak to me.

But I sin, I can be selfish, jealous, resentful and ungrateful. And yet, heavenly father, you shower me with grace and forgive all my sins. You accept my remorse. You don’t give up on me, you encourage me to repent my lack of good judgment. Your unconditional love gives me endless chances to repair my wrongdoings once and once again.

I couldn’t possibly be worthy of you. I’m quick to give up by resenting the lessons that you put on my path. I insist on doubting your power to guide me. I’m insecure about your ability to be merciful because my faith is weakened by my doubts. But you don’t let me drown in my uncertainties. You stay close to me, guarding me as I try to navigate my way out of my own darkness.

And I ask myself, how can you still love me? How can you stick by my side? I sin again and again and your love seems forever merciful, boundless, limitless. There is no darkness in you, you’re light and that infinite light propels the good in me to rise and live up to your standards.

Even when I doubt, your influence in me is so strong, it calls my heart to your embrace. So why is my faith so frail at times?

You gave me life, you fill my path with what I need to grow and evolve. Am I really deserving of your love? Life is a miracle, this life you gave me is a miracle, so why am I so quick to discard it as such with my ungrateful selfish acts.

You die for me god, but I feel so small, so insignificant, so unprepared to honor the life that you’ve given me. I call myself a sinner, you call me your child and always protect me with your light. You refuse to leave me stranded.

Your infinite love continues to show me the way and reminds me every day that I’m worthy of your love and that I’m deserving of the life that you’ve given me. Because I am loved and I am precious. Chosen and blessed by your grace.