To My Guy, I Promise to Give You More Than Just My Heart

If I can make one promise to you it is that I will love you with all that I have. No, I can’t guarantee that everything will be perfect and easy, but none of that will matter because I promise to give you far more than just my heart. 

You deserve so much more than you’ve ever felt before. You are too giving, kind and patient of a man to have anything less than all of me.

I will learn to appreciate every single one of your quirks even your oh so cute way of leaving the laundry on the floor rather than in the basket.

When we argue, I promise to forgive you quickly and say sorry first. But more importantly, I will try my hardest to make sure I don’t just yell at you just because I’m hungry.

I promise to not only choose you every…single…day…but I promise to inspire you, laugh with you, cherish you, reassure you and grow with you for the rest of my days.

And even then, I’m not sure a lifetime will be long enough for me to give you the love that you have already given me.

Because in you, I have found my person, my best friend, and my home. I’ll never know where this journey of life will take us but you make me feel like I’ll never have to walk it alone.

You are the best thing that could ever and has ever happened to me and I won’t ever take that for granted. From our morning to cuddles to our late night kisses, I’m going to love you because I never want to lose you.