Women Need To Stop Wearing Workout Leggings To All Places That Aren’t The Gym

Look, ladies, I know you don’t want to hear this, but the honest truth is that it’s time to stop wearing workout clothes in your non-workout life. I know those leggings are comfortable, and yes, as women, we do (and should!) have the choice to wear whatever we want, but don’t forget—how you present yourself is a big part of what impression you make on people. And the impression you make on people truly dictates a fairly large portion of your entire life.

Women have been held down by men for so long and it takes a lot more for a woman to succeed than it does a man. Anything they do, we have to do ten times better to get noticed. And that means we can’t let things like looking sloppy hold us back. It’s so important to present your best self.

It drives me nuts how often I see women out and about in their gym clothes—leggings, super baggy shorts, huge hoodies, and t-shirts that could double as tents. At the grocery store, doing errands, out with friends, even to work!

I know they’re comfortable, I wear them myself! But only to the gym. I know it’s not all about looks (or it shouldn’t be, anyway). But how uncomfortable, really, is a nice presentable skirt or a pair of pressed pants? Are you maybe accidentally starching all of your clothes? It shouldn’t be that hard to throw on something that looks put together. Something that makes it look like you tried, even just a bit. Because how you dress really affects how people look at you, especially people who don’t know you yet. Do you really want their first impression of you to be that you couldn’t bother to get dressed properly?

Think about this: if you were to walk into a job interview wearing leggings and Nikes, would you get hired? If you’re looking to work at a gym or fitness company—sure. But, as someone working in the corporate world, you need to dress for success.

Putting time and effort into the way you look gives you a sense of confidence that can become contagious. The way you feel about yourself is broadcast to everyone around you. Why would you want to walk the world feeling sluggish and sloppy when you can walk around feeling successful and thriving?

Don’t just reserve your “nice” clothes for important occasions and events—wear them regularly! Try it out—even for a week, and see how much your world will change.