17 Things That Are 1000% Office Culture

Anyone who has ever worked in an office has faced similar (nearly identical!) scenarios, no matter the type of office. We all have hate/love (mostly hate) relationships with our coworkers and bosses. We all are always starving, somehow? (I don’t know what it is about offices, but I’m never not hungry when I’m there.) Also, most of us don’t know wtf we’re doing. We’re just, uh, going with the flow. 

1. This donut situation:

2. Having to replace things you mean with things you don’t:

3. …Constantly:

4. Also, being hungry at all times:

5. Having a work spouse:

6. Listening to coworkers talk about their kids like you care:

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7. Signing cards for people you don’t know…or like:

8. Harboring an intense and secret hatred towards your boss:

9. But still putting on a great show:

10. Hating Todd, yet strongly relating:

11. Squinting. Lots and lots of squinting:

12. Being inundated with unnecessary emails:

13. Loads and loads of ’em:

14.  Being deeply invested in office drama, but only while at work:

15. Spending an inordinate amount of time on social media:

16. Literally not knowing how to do good work constantly or consistently:

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17. And finally, motivational posters:

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