Study Says Vaginas Literally Waste Away Without Any Sex

While many women go through dry spells in their lives, it can end up being rather dangerous for their health. A new study reveals that when women go long periods of time without sex, it can cause their vaginas to literally become depressed. Think about how much your lady parts love attentionā€”obviously they’re down in the dumps when they aren’t getting any action.

But, there are actual health risks that come from lack of sexual intercourse, too. Vaginal atrophy, the thinning of the vaginal walls, can occur in women when they have not had sex over a long period of time. While treatable, vagina atrophy leads to health complications in women. It’s also common to happen to women who have been treated for cancer and more so to those who are going through menopause.

Symptoms of vaginalĀ atrophyĀ include discharge, burning, itching, difficulty peeing and pain during sex, according to Mayo Clinic.

Having sex, additionally, can prevent symptoms from occurring at all. According to Ā London-based sex therapistĀ Louise Mazanti,

ā€œIt is very important that we have a healthy sex life with a partner or with ourselves. People very often say, ā€˜I donā€™t have a sex life because I donā€™t have a partner.

ā€œBut forget about that and have a sexual relationship with yourself. Itā€™s about using massage and touching the tissue so that it becomes alive, the blood flows and the tissue becomes elastic. It is really about exercising the tissue.ā€

Every time a woman orgasms, cells receive oxygen. If there’s not enough oxygen in the vaginal area and cells are oxygen deprived, it can cause the walls of the vagina to become inflamed, thin, and dry. Additionally,Ā MazantiĀ added that a buildup of toxins can also stop vital nutrients from getting to the cells.

So, while you may think it’s just a “dry spell,” it can lead to a lot of complicationsā€”not just for your ego, but also for your vagina, too.